News from Alaska on Current Concerns

Change in Release date for Podcast:

While considering my options for activities during this time, I was walking my dog when a low-flying raven startled me. I lost my footing and had a fall. I am recuperating from surgery and hope to be back on track soon, but at present am sleeping quite a bit. I will be releasing the first podcasts soon, but it may be closer to the end of the month!

Be well wherever you are - It is possible that some early topics may be different than originally anticipated!

Post from March 8th.

In Anchorage, where I live, the schools have just been closed until March 30th. The local school district had already determined that they would be closed an additional week for Spring Break, but this order from the governor came down less than 24 hours later. This will be difficult and disruptive for many families, but seems to be the better option of erring on the side of caution. I am concerned for the children who are sad when summer comes and they miss out on the con…